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The meeting landscape is continuously changing to accommodate the needs of modern organisations and to increase meeting ROI. EWC meetings are adapting accordingly, and -slowly but surely- EWC practitioners are embracing the new meeting formats and technologies. Whatever your needs or budget are, we offer the support and technologies that will take the exchanges with your EWC to the next level. Moreover, our interpreting and translation services can be added to every type of meeting platform we provide. Are you an EWC coordinator, en employee representative or an EWC advisor?

This is how we add value to your live meetings:

  • meeting organisation: venue selection, booking and management
  • audiovisual conference equipment: interpreting booths, voting systems, laptops, recording and much more…
  • interpreters: conference interpreters who specialise in EWCs and can work in any interpreting mode
  • note taking: tailor-made EWC reports and executive summaries at record turnaround times
  • meeting coordinators: on-site support by experienced event professionals so that you can focus on content

But we don’t stop at live EWC events. Hybrid and virtual meetings are used more and more in today’s EWC environment to keep the exchanges going in between meetings. The advantages are manifold:

  • no time lost to travel to a venue
  • no travel expenses
  • no delays
  • no harm to the environment: Green events

So if you are to make a short announcement to your EWC, or hold an emergency call with your multilingual Select Committee, or consult your foreign colleagues in a short time frame, why not make good use of the technology available? The following solutions will allow you to interact with your stakeholders, while everyone stays where they are to enjoy the benefits of simultaneous interpretation:

1/ Remote simultaneous interpretation

The hybrid solution that combines the advantages of live and virtual meetings: participants interact during a live meeting, while interpreters work without having to be flown in. A Presence technician is present at the venue to make sure that the sound and video signals are sent to interpreters in real time, and that participants hear the interpretation. Remote simultaneous interpretation is the perfect solution for meetings that take a day or more and are held at the company’s premises, even when the meeting room is too small to fit in the interpreting booths. EWC members get to visit the host site without having to compromise on interpretation, and interpreters get the best working conditions a remote system allows.

2/ Multilingual online meetings & webinars*

Our multilingual webinar platform offers all the advantages of webinars, and tops them off with simultaneous interpretation. Participants use a laptop or pc to connect to the platform and see the speaker and the presentation in real time. They can then listen and interact in the language of their choice. This solution requires no specific hardware: participants just need a pc or laptop, a headset and a stable internet connection to get to work. It is ideal for short presentations and meetings, announcements, updates and financial presentations for up to 2500 participants. Thanks to Presence Webinar!, travel is no longer part of the equation.

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3/ Multilingual Conference Calls*

Multilingual conference calls have entered the EWC world and they are here to stay. Our platform allows you to organise a call and add simultaneous interpretation for up to 8 languages. Participants connect to the call by telephone, and hear the exchanges in the language of their choice. They have all the possibilities that they would have in a live meeting: they can raise their hand to intervene, and even see the presentation if they use the webshare functionality. The platform runs on Google Chrome, and participants need no hardware other than a telephone. This option is perfect for short Select Committee calls and multilingual conversations, and it is so easy to use that even the least tech savvy amongst us will love it. Participants and interpreters connect from wherever they are and the interaction is no different from that of a conventional call with one language. If need be, the platform can also be used for calls with consecutive interpretation.

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