Social dialogue lab

Social dialogue is the cornerstone of the European Social model. Presence wants to provide a platform for a constructive exchange of views between all social partners and stakeholders so that organisations can take social dialogue to the next level.

On the one hand, we at Presence are actively involved in HR networks (HRD Cercle, Vergote Group) to remain informed about the latest trends and controversial issues in the field. On the other, we run a Dual Network where management, unionised and non-unionised employees, and EWC practitioners are invited to voice their opinions and exchange best practices related to topics trending on the social agenda.

The Social Dialogue Lab contrasts and compares views from businesses, trade unions, non-unionised employee representatives and European decision-making bodies. The main objectives of the platform are that stakeholders come to a common understanding of the issues that are high on the social agenda, that they learn from one another, and consequently develop workable initiatives that benefit employees, businesses and governments alike.

At Presence we respect all points of view, as every one of them adds value to the discussion. We neither represent the management’s viewpoint, nor the employee representatives’ or trade union’s viewpoints, we just want to act as a platform for a constructive exchange to take place.

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