Interpretation & Audiovisual Equipment

In today’s globalised world, many virtual and live meetings require interpretation. Presence provides you with the language professionals and the equipment you need for your multilingual event.


In the past 20 years, Presence has leveraged its vast network of professional interpreters to turn multilingual meetings in to a success. Whatever the format of the meeting or event, we deliver the professionals that our customers need, wherever they need them. Presence interpreters are based all over Europe, so our customers can work with local interpreters in the main European cities, or have their trusted interpreters fly in to the venue of their choice.

Presence interpreters master every existing interpreting mode and can hence be deployed in virtually any kind of meeting setting.

If you’re not sure of what interpreting mode is most suited for your event, our consultants will let you pick their brains here!

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Simultaneous interpreting

Whether they work in a booth at your live meeting or from any other location during your webinar or conference call, our interpreters will make sure that their audience gets quality real-time interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting

This interpretation mode is especially suited for conversations that only involve two languages. Speakers pause between statements, the interpreter translates, and the conversation is held at a more moderate pace.

Whispered interpreting

The perfect solution for intimate meetings that involve a maximum of 3 languages. Every interpreter works for maximum 2 participants and simultaneously whispers the interpretation of the on-going exchanges in their ears.


Get your participants out of their seats and take them on a factory visit or a city tour. Our interpreters come along and continue working, with or without equipment, so that your participants don’t miss a thing.

Audiovisual equipment (AV)

We work with local technicians and certified AV partners all over Europe. They supply whatever audiovisual equipment you need, from interpreting booths to beamers and voting systems, and remain present throughout the meeting to make sure you get the most out of the technologies you use. Their AV expertise will help you to get the best sound and video quality that your budget can buy.

Feel free to lean back and rely on our technicians, they dislike loose ends as much as you do! They will perform all necessary checks long before the meeting and will leave nothing to chance. Receivers and headsets will be cleaned, booths will be set up in the most convenient place, all cables will be taped and the sound will be optimal.

Are you missing one piece of AV equipment?

Look no further.

Would you like us to provide you with a complete audiovisual installation for your next event?

Let us know what the desired outcome of your event is, and we will propose the AV solution that perfectly suits your event and budget!

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