Note taking is a time-consuming activity. Typing at lightning speed, spending long hours after the EWC meeting listening

to the recording of the debates and going through the notes or minutes time and time again… Not everybody’s cup of tea! Our note takers just love to write down everything that was discussed. They can either attend the EWC meeting or work from audio files without being present at the meeting. Your minutes can be delivered in any language and our note taking service is linked to our translation service so 10 days after the event, you can send out the minutes to all EWC members in their own language!

We can provide different formats.

• Full transcript: contains literally all that was said, including the “hums” and the “ahs”. Ideal when you want to capture all the details.

• Executive summary: contains all useful information of the event, but rewritten for easy readability. Ideal when you want to have a document, ready to be sent out to all stakeholders.

• Flash: a very short summary of the event. Ideal when you want to communicate fast or when you want to send out a newsletter.

• Archiving: if you (or we) recorded the event digitally, we can keep the the sound files in our archives. Ideal if you want to refer exactly to what somebody said so that you can prove a point. Upon request, we can find the specific passage that you need Presence note taking services become even more powerful when you need to provide a summary of the discussion in multiple languages. Our note taking service is linked to our translation service which means that we can make sure you receive the minutes in all languages of your choice within a matter of days.