Presence Translation Studio

Our advanced online translation platform was developed especially for customers with large translation volumes, to allow them to track projects and generate tailor-made reports in terms of languages, volumes, spending or any other indicators that matter to them. The Presence Translation Studio is a community-based, customisable application that allows for translators, proofreaders and project managers to collaborate on a project in real time so that quality and consistency are guaranteed.

Don’t let office hours get in the way of your translation projects: at the outset of our relationship with you, we will assign a pool of professional translators to your account so as to assure that our platform works for you 24/7. Upload your documents into the platform whenever you like, and you’ll be notified as soon as they are translated. The Presence Translation is the perfect tool to automate your translation workflows and get maximum flexibility in terms of budget, turnaround times and translation format.

If you run a webshop or a website that changes frequently, add the Beebox module to the Presence Translation Studio so that it can track changes to the website and send them to translators automatically. Running sites across languages has never been so effortless, the Beebox will help you save time, money and effort, whatever Content Management System you throw at it!

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