Written translations

With more and more business happening online, written communication has become more crucial than ever to reach audiences and target groups in remote parts of the world. Websites, webshops, promotional material and manuals, all of them contribute to the image and credibility of your brand, so why leave anything up to chance when you have them translated?

Presence combines the latest translation technology with the creativity of experienced professionals to offer you the best quality at the most competitive price. We offer three types of translation, each one being suited for different types of text:



  • for publication
  • grammar
  • proofread by an independent proofreader
  • linked to TM*



  • for repetitive content
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • consistency
  • post-editing by human translator
  • double check
  • linked to TM*



  • for internal communication
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • translated and proofread by the same translator
  • linked to TM*



  • for newsletters, blog posts
  • newly written text
  • SEO/Keywords
  • writer (not translator)

*Translation Memory

Our communications consultants know how you can get the best return out of your written translations and they can help you pick the translation solution you need. Whether you want your website or your internal reports translated, we can provide you with the tailor-made solution that will help you get your message across the way you want to.

Multilingual Marketing

The internet is slowly but surely becoming the biggest marketplace for B2B and B2C. Customers and potential customers roam the web in order to gain information about the products and services that will help them solve the problem they have, websites are the stores they visit, and the conversations with their providers are happening online. This means that business is no longer hampered by country borders, and as long as companies manage to communicate with their audience in the appropriate language and idiom, sales can be achieved in the farthest outposts of the globe.

Developing marketing materials that really hit the mark has always been a challenge for companies, but doing this in several languages makes the whole process all the more complex. Our consultants will help you develop multilingual marketing strategies and workflows that will help you win in all the markets you are active in. We have the technology to keep multilingual websites updated across languages so that your products and services get the highest possible exposure in your target markets. Our solutions combine technology, automation and linguistic expertise and are sure to help you grow your business.

Ask about our automated workflows and our solutions for multilingual websites. Translating your marketing materials has never been this easy!

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