A new approach to European Works Councils

A new approach to European Works Councils

A European Works Council can be a real opportunity for the employees and for the company, provided it becomes a unique platform, reflecting corporate culture.

In order to walk the road to real value, it is important to have the basics in place (knowledge of the EU Directive, the EWC agreement, do’s and don’ts for EWC members, …) but this is not enough.

You need to make your personal EWC Roadmap.  This means that the European Works Council should not only develop a plan, but should be equipped to act on it.

A good EWC Roadmap should have clear goals, objectives and tasks as well as a communications plan that is aligned between parties. Moreover, the EWC should define its unique value proposal, which is different from one company to the next.

The communications plan is a very important part of any well-functioning EWC and essential for any European Works Council to be efficient and meaningful.

It is not enough to provide communication tools, interpreters and translators but you need to analyse the needs and requirements of your EWC and match this information with EWC objectives, EWC members ambitions and last but not least with the EWC budget.

Presence aims to make European Works Councils strategic for all stakeholders and we believe that EWCs are excellent tools to add value to corporate projects as well as being instrumental to the improvement of working conditions and environments.

Our experts start with an analysis of your European Works Council in order to provide you with an action plan geared towards making your EWC more efficient and towards improving on your EWC budget.

Today, there are a wide number of digital communication technologies available, but before you start using them, you need to understand what they can do for your European Works Council.

In other words, technologies only make sense when they add value compared to the way your EWC has been working so far. Technology for technology’s sake is a bad idea as, before you know it, you may end up losing more than you earn.

What does this mean?

The first myth we need to debunk is that digital technologies are replacing good old live meetings. Indeed, many EWC delegates are worried that digitalisation means the end of the opportunity to physically meet up with colleagues and missing out on a chat with the CEO.

Let us reassure them: live meetings are here to stay!

In fact, digital technologies simply mean more possibilities for communication on top of what you already have today! Since going digital reduces budgets significantly, it is easy to interact across language barriers all through the year and also in-between EWC meetings.

This opens up a new world of possibilities which were never available before.

EWC remote

No travel and hotel costs for interpreters

Smaller meeting rooms

This option changes nothing for EWC participants who are still physically present in the meeting room. Interpreters work from our technical hub in Brussels and follow the EWC meeting from screens that display the meeting’s video feed. We send the translation to the meeting venue via a dedicated internet connection.

Why do the interpreters work from Brussels?

Because of the presence of EU institutions, the largest number of interpreters are based in Brussels. Moreover, Belgian fees for interpretation are the most competitive on the market!

EWC hybrid

No travel and hotel costs for interpreters

Smaller meeting rooms

Some participants can attend the meeting virtually

This option allows not only the interpreters, but also the participants to follow the EWC meeting from their PC screens. Very handy when some EWC members, managers or speakers cannot make it to the meeting venue! Instead, they can connect to all or part of the meeting without losing precious time travelling.

EWC WebTalk

All EWC participants and interpreters take part in the online EWC meeting

Our webinar technology provides you with live simultaneous interpretation and EWC participants can follow the meeting in their own language just like when attending live meetings. The systems switches between speakers and allows everybody to see the Powerpoint slides in their own language. There is even a multilingual chat so that all participants can communicate with each other during the meeting and write messages in the language of their choice. The receiver can then read them in their own language.

EWC Talk

All EWC participants and all interpreters take part in the EWC meeting using a phone or even their smartphone.

This is a system which enables multilingual teleconferences with simultaneous interpretation. All EWC participants receive a local dial-in number with a language code. When they connect to the conference, they automatically hear their language. However, they can easily switch channels or listen to the floor language using a simple combination of keys from the keypad of their phone.

Written translations for European Works Councils

Translations have come a long way since the time of the good old typewriter! Today, digital translation technologies enable you to work faster, cheaper and better. Presence has created a platform that puts this power at the fingertips of EWCs. The Presence Translation Studio is a digital tool that stores all EWC terminology as well as specialised terminology for almost every branch of activity.

When we work for your European Works Council, we continuously update this platform with your business information which means that the more we work for you, the less you pay as our system recognises what has already been translated in the past and prepares this for our translators who only have to translate the new parts of your texts.

The next time you send us a text, the system will again be a little bit more knowledgeable about your jargon and terminology, and this process repeats itself ad infinitum!

You want to make your European Works Council more efficient in the digital world?

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