Behind the scenes of Presence

Next week, we will launch a new series of blog posts: "Behind the scenes of Presence". We want to give our clients, partners and contacts a look at what happens in the "machine room" of a multilingual communications and meeting agency. Did you ever wonder what happens after you ordered translations into different languages?

  • First, a Presence team member carefully inspects your source files format and prepares the job for the translators in The Presence Translation Studio, our online technology platform.
  • Next, translators are selected according to your topic and line of activity.
  • They need to be able to deliver the highest quality within the agreed deadline.
  • In the mean time, proofreaders are put on standby so that they can revise your texts as soon as the translators are finished.

But do you know how often we helped our clients realise the impossible?

  • Quickly save their reputation on the social media in multiple languages at once?
  • Deliver huge volumes that no translator can handle within impossible deadlines?

Did it ever occur to you that your multilingual conferences or events could easily go wrong? Of course we do what it takes to arrange things to perfection:

  • Interpreters are booked and audiovisual equipment is selected so that you can enjoy the highest standards in sound and image.
  • Presence sound engineers liaise with the meeting venue to check on all the parameters.
  • Nothing is left to chance: from the meeting room setup up to the tiniest plug your presenters might need to use their laptop.
  • Our events coordinators are permanently double-checking with the hotel staff until every small detail clicks seamlessly into place.

But ... Did you know how we many times succeeded in avoiding disaster?

  • What if the CEO in the US decides to organise a videoconference in different languages just before your meeting is about to start?
  • Is your meeting over before it even began if airlines go on strike or a vulcano erupts somewhere in Iceland, blocking all air traffic?
  • And just imagine the electricity goes down in the meeting venue...

We show you what our people do behind the scenes every single day to guarantee the highest quality and flawless execution of all your projects. You will meet the men and women who are always ready to deal with the unexpected: the Presence DreamTeam.

Their stories will inspire you so that you can see how Presence has helped others deal with some issues you might also struggle with.

"Behind the scenes" will show you why you can trust our team to handle your business multilingually in any situation. Our clients need a partner who makes things easy for them and who brings them peace of mind.

Do you need that too?

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