Calling all copywriters: can we be your ambassador too?

Calling all copywriters: can we be your ambassador too?


When organisations talk about multilingual marketing, they often think of having existing marketing material translated and localised. However, they forget that there is another alternative that is at least as effective, if not more: copywriting.

Copywriters are often defined as salesmen in print. They draft texts by strategically picking the right words to have readers take a certain action. They are real word wizards who can write many types of texts, from blog articles to ads and product descriptions. When it comes to creating content, they always put quality first, all the while making sure that what they produce is attractive to their target readers. They protect your brand by helping you to create a unique brand voice.

We have been working to convince our customers of the importance of working with good copywriters and they have listened with great interest. So much so, that we are now looking for enthusiastic and qualified copywriters to join our freelance copywriter ranks.

This is what we can offer you:

A diversity of projects, both in terms of size and content

Our customer base is heterogenous, so our projects are bound to include the topics that you love writing about.

Clear ISO-certified processes and standards

We like to work in a standardised way, so that you know what to expect from us, and what we expect of you. Messy communication and blurry deadlines? No, thanks.

True copywriting ambassadors

We truly believe in the value of copywriting so we will be your fiercest ambassadors.

The unwavering support of our dedicated project managers

Our project managers are trained language professionals who love well-written texts as much as you do. They are there to support you from the start to the end of every project.

Come and join our team!

Are you a freelance copywriter looking for exciting projects, and are you looking for a team that knows your worth? Complete our online form and tell us what we can do for you!

Yes, sign me up!