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A European Works Council can be a real opportunity for the employees and for the company, provided it becomes a unique platform, reflecting corporate culture.

In order to walk the road to real value, it is important to have the basics in place (knowledge of the EU Directive, the EWC agreement, do’s and don’ts for EWC members, …) but this is not enough.

You need to make your personal EWC Roadmap. This means that the European Works Council should not only develop a plan, but should be equipped to act on it and be ready to measure return on investment (ROI). A lot of effort, time and money is put into EWCs and it is important to be aware of the real benefits in terms of employee relations, corporate strategy and budgets.

A good EWC Roadmap should have clear goals, objectives and tasks as well as a communications plan that is aligned between parties. Moreover, the EWC should define its unique value proposal, which is different from one company to the next.

It is not enough to provide communication tools, interpreters and translators but you need to analyse the needs and requirements of your EWC and match this information with EWC objectives, EWC member ambitions and last but not least with the EWC budget.

Presence aims to make European Works Councils strategic for all stakeholders and we believe that EWCs are excellent tools to add value to corporate projects as well as being instrumental to the improvement of working conditions and environments.

What will you learn during the EWC Bootcamp?

  1. The importance of having a EWC action plan
  2. How to improve EWC communications
  3. Why you need a EWC roadmap
  4. That EWCs are the best ambassadors for your company
  5. The latest updates in the EWC landscape:
  • The EWC Handbook, to be published by the European Commission
  • Tips on how to renegotiate existing EWC agreements
  • Possible implications of the Brexit for your EWC

This 1-day hands-on event puts your EWC on the EWC Roadmap, a tool based on our experience of working with hundreds of EWCs for more than 20 years.

Built on the feedback from managers, employees, EWC experts, trade unions, ... the EWC Roadmap aims to make your European Works Council more meaningful, bringing value to your company all the while being firmly anchored in the legal basics.

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