Holiday behind the scenes: account manager and production coordinator Caroline is taking you to Turkey

Holiday behind the scenes: account manager and production coordinator Caroline is taking you to Turkey

Now that most of us are gently giving in to summer vibes and holiday musings, our blog posts must follow suit. Cultures, languages and interaction are at the core of what we do, so it will not surprise you that Presence team members are fond of traveling.

In this holiday-themed behind-the-scenes series of blog posts, your Presence contacts will tell you about their holiday destinations. If you are not traveling yourself, this will give you an opportunity to join them wherever they are and to get to know them in a different setting.

In this week’s post, Caroline, account manager and production coordinator at our Luxemburg HQ, is taking you to Turkey.



Our family vacation this summer was spent in wonderful Turkey, near Lara, close to Antalya. We all clearly needed some well-deserved sunshine and rest, as well as pure laziness. And we weren’t disappointed!

Just as I provide my clients with a turnkey service for their EWC meetings throughout the year, I also wanted to take advantage of my vacation being organized for me. This meant that I did not want to be in charge of anything, free to enjoy it fully and spend delightful moments with my husband and my children aged 6 and 4. A travel agency was thus tasked with booking our flights, our transfers and our stay in a beautiful hotel located on the shores of the Mediterranean, with an all-inclusive package. Given the fact that the heat was stifling – up to 44° some days – we did not spend too much time on cultural visits, but we made much use of the hotel’s new amenities. We enjoyed the impeccable gardens filled with flowers, very comfortable deckchairs, and both the aquatic park and the beaches which, in that region of the world, are ideal for families with young children since they can have fun in the shallow waters with no danger to themselves.

All the people we’ve met were extremely friendly and available. They very much contributed to making our vacation a complete success, just like the omnipresent sunshine and the excellent food we sampled! There is a very long list of highly recognized Turkish specialties, and we did our best to sample many. I will however recommend gözleme, which are pancakes stuffed with cheese, spinach or ground meat, mantı (yes, the i is without a dot), which are mini-raviolis covered in a garlic and yoghurt sauce with spices and mint, and of course, the unavoidable kebab.


As is always the case, vacations go by too fast and are over too quickly. We have really enjoyed the place so much that we could have easily stayed one more week! Unfortunately for us, it was raining buckets when we landed in Belgium upon our return. Thankfully we still have our memories, photos and the seashells the children picked up from the sand ☺ I can’t wait for our next vacation!

Photo credits:
Header photo by Andre Furtado @ Pexels
Other photos by Caroline