Holiday behind the scenes: administration and finance assistant Cristina is taking you to Egypt

Holiday behind the scenes: administration and finance assistant Cristina is taking you to Egypt

Now that most of us are coming back to work, our holiday blog post are growing scarcer. We have two more blog posts in this series for those of you who want to hang on to that summer spirit for a little longer.

In this week’s post, Cristina, administration and finance assistant at our Luxemburg HQ, is taking you to Egypt, a country that she has been exploring since she was a little girl!



If you asked me for some holiday hot spots to recommend, I guess I would come up with the answer right away: Egypt. For people interested in experiencing different cultures, religions and beautiful natural sites, this destination is definitely to be considered. Moreover, it offers a 365-days-sunshine-a-year-guarantee, and warm weather (compared to European weather conditions of course). My family has been travelling there with me ever since I was a little girl, and this has not changed up to now.

This year, I spent the first day of my summer holiday in Hurghada, a big and touristic city next to the Red Sea. The Red Sea is strongly marked by diving tourism and many people say that it is one of the most beautiful seas in the world to do any kind of water sport. I definitely second that.

After having unpacked our suitcases, the boat took off the lines heading to the North, towards Suez Channel. The following 12 days we practiced scuba diving, our number one passion. There are so many beautiful and colourful coral reefs to discover, where even dolphins feel utterly at home. The diversity of fish is breath-taking. We sailed to a variety of places, so that we could explore a lot of well-known diving spots.

The daily routine consisted of taking a quick breakfast before the first dive. Obviously, morning coffee was a must. At the office, I'm used to having my beloved coffee to start the day. Habits die hard, that is why I held on to this routine - watching a very much different scenery than at the office, of course.


During the afternoon, it was quite hot with temperatures near 40 degrees centigrade, so it was the perfect time for power naps and to relax with a good book.

We spent the sunsets and evenings on lost islands, playing football. Then we finished our day with barbecues, local food and drinks. We also learned how to bake sand bread on the bonfire, like the Old Egyptians did. That was really fun!

Back in the harbour, we finished our holidays doing some shopping and visiting the biggest mosque in Hurghada, which we were even allowed to enter. I'm already looking forward to the next summer holiday here in 2020!


Photo credits:
Header photo by Andre Furtado @ Pexels
Other photos by Cristina