Holiday behind the scenes: our event manager Kelly takes you on a road trip to the South of France

Holiday behind the scenes: our event manager Kelly takes you on a road trip to the South of France

Now that most of us are gently giving in to summer vibes and holiday musings, our blog posts must follow suit. Cultures, languages and interaction are at the core of what we do, so it will not surprise you that Presence team members are fond of traveling.

In this holiday-themed behind-the-scenes series of blog posts, your Presence contacts will tell you about their holiday destinations. If you are not traveling yourself, this will give you an opportunity to join them wherever they are and to get to know them in a different setting. In this week’s post, Kelly Vandevelde, event manager at our Luxemburg HQ, takes you on a road trip to the South of France.


I started my summer holidays at Rock Werchter, dancing around the clock with family, friends and colleagues. The festival site is only a 30-minute bicycle ride from where I live, and cycling in the sunshine was a treat in its own accord! On day two, the temperature rocketed, but even the blistering heat could not spoil the fun!


Before leaving for France, I spent a day in Blankenberge, at the Belgian seaside. It was perfect weather for a day at the beach. My boyfriend and I played some miniature golf, walked along the shore and took ample time to relax at a beach bar and enjoy the best food Belgium has to offer. A perfect day at the beach if there ever was one!

At the end of July we set out for our family road trip to the South of France. We stayed at a gîte in Montréal, at about half an hour from Carcassonne. When we arrived it was very windy and it rained, weather conditions that you cannot completely exclude in France. The coast was only two hours away, and I knew that closer to Spain the weather was better. Hence, on day two we drove up to Argèles-sur-Mer and found the sunshine we were craving for. Like proper tourists, we visited both the old town in Carcassonne, and the newer part of the city. I can highly recommend it! We also visited Toulouse, where I had recently organised a meeting for one of our customers. Since we had organised a tour of the city on that occasion, I really knew my way around quite well.



In terms of language, France is a pretty comfortable place to visit for me. I have a good theoretical knowledge of the French language, but I do lack some practice. Spending a week in France definitely helps to activate the language again. I did run into trouble in restaurants, when waiters dwelled on every single ingredient in the dishes that we ordered. My mind went blank after ‘thon’ and ‘carotte’.

Which brings me to food and drinks in France: nous aimons les fromages et les vins (we love cheese and wine). In Toulouse I also tried one of the local specialties: Cassoulet Toulousain. I did enjoy it but later that day I was blown away by what we were served at L’Ambrosia, a restaurant in Pezens. In terms of service and food it really felt like a Michelin-star kind of place. If you are ever in the area, do go there. On the last day we visited a local specialty food shop, bought some delicious cheese, meat, tapenade, bread, tapas and wine and pick-nicked near a sun-drenched lake. My holiday was pure bliss!

Photo credits:
Header photo by Andre Furtado @ Pexels
Other photos by Kelly