Holiday behind the scenes: translation assistant Romane is taking you to The Algarve, in the South of Portugal

Holiday behind the scenes: translation assistant Romane is taking you to The Algarve

Now that most of us are gently giving in to summer vibes and holiday musings, our blog posts must follow suit. Cultures, languages and interaction are at the core of what we do, so it will not surprise you that Presence team members are fond of traveling.

In this holiday-themed behind-the-scenes series of blog posts, your Presence contacts will tell you about their holiday destinations. If you are not traveling yourself, this will give you an opportunity to join them wherever they are and to get to know them in a different setting.

In this week’s post, Romane, one of the translation assistants at our Luxemburg HQ, is taking you to The Algarve, in the South of Portugal.


This summer I spent my holiday in the Algarve region, in the South of Portugal.

I wanted to visit Portugal because I had never been there before, and the Algarve seemed to be an ideal holiday destination: a very sunny region constantly caressed by winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

It is indeed a very beautiful region. The Algarve has increasingly been affected by tourism the last couple of years (judging by how big the main cities have become), and yet it has managed to preserve the beauty of its landscapes. I love to get lost in small towns and villages that are not too touristy and enjoy their charm, but what I love the most when I discover a region is the beauty of its nature. And I can confirm that the Algarve has managed to preserve its natural splendour very well. The coastline boasts coves and red and gold cliffs eroded by wind and waves. It is a paradise for surfers. But there is much more to see than merely the coastline . In the hinterland, vegetation is plentiful, what a sight to see! It sometimes takes miles to reach a village. Moreover, its hilly terrain offers beautiful view points on the region and the ocean.

A special memory I keep from my trip is when I went on a hike along the cliffs. The landscapes were breathtaking: cliffs, coves, sea caves, natural wells, vegetation…

At one point, a lady in her garden started talking to me. She only spoke Portuguese, whilst I don't understand that language. And yet, we managed to understand each other. She was saying "água", making gestures to tell me to follow her and I understood that she was inviting me to her house to fill my empty water bottle. It was so sweet, and I was frustrated that I couldn't really talk to her. This is also something that I liked during my stay: the kindness of the region’s inhabitants. They always have a smile to offer you, a "bom dia", and are always willing to help you out without wanting anything in return.

I can wholeheartedly say that I recommend this destination. Just one piece of advice: it is absolutely essential to have a sweater for cooler evenings. That being said, no need to worry about mosquitoes, we haven't seen a single one.


Photo credits:
Header photo by Andre Furtado @ Pexels
Other photos by Romane