How to organise secure elections for your EWC Select Committee?

In these strange and unusual times where all our interactions have to happen online, European Works Councils still need to organise elections to choose a new chair, vice chair and new select committee members.

And when thinking about how to do this, a whole list of potential issues comes to mind:

  • How do I make sure everyone gets a chance to be a candidate in the election?
  • How to make sure that every EWC member can vote – but only once?
  • How can everyone’s identity be verified?
  • Is the election secure?
  • Is the election process anonymous?
  • ...

Our experts have helped many EWCs with tackling these challenges.
 We run EWC meetings on a number of online platforms and we have put in place different procedures to deal with the election process that take into account the needs and preferences of different types of customers and / or European Works Councils.

As with any projects, good preparation and planning are key. First, we sign an agreement with the company and with the EWC in which we certify that the process will be confidential and secure from a legal perspective.

This means that we function as a safe harbour so that all participants can trust that our experts can’t leak any information concerning the election process. 

Next, we ensure a high-level of cybersecurity and privacy protection and we provide all security credentials from the online platform that will be used.

With all these hurdles cleared we can choose the assessor (which is mostly one of our facilitators) and / or the election committee, together with the EWC Select Committee.

After all of this has been put in place, we are then ready to discuss with the EWC Select Committee how to best organise the process in practice.

An important choice needs to be made up front:

  1. Will candidates have been selected before the election day?
  2. Or will they put themselves forward at the start of the meeting?

In the first case, the Select Committee supplies us with a list of candidates that have put themselves forward before election day, whilst in the second case, we open the session by explaining the election process and by asking who wants to stand for the different posts.

Potential candidates can then come forward and are given a number of minutes to explain to the EWC why they want to run and why EWC members should vote for them.

On election day, we use either online polling (with identity control software that only the assessor can access) or we organise the elections via more “organic” means like via private messaging to the assessor or any other means that our customer (the EWC) prefers.

Should there be any doubt on the validity of the election process, any EWC member can request a recount or initiate a verification procedure.

An independent committee will then request access to the voting procedure from the assessor so as to check for any irregularities.

Once again, this process is fully secured, private and anonymous both from a legal and from a technical perspective.

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