How would a Brexit affect my EWC?

How would a Brexit affect my EWC?

The Brexit (the UK leaving the EU) – impact on EWC Agreements

Is your EWC Agreement operating under UK law?

If the UK votes to no longer remain part of the European Union, you may have to consider some or all of these questions:

  • What does that mean for UK employees?
  • Can UK employees still be members of your EWC?
  • What does changing the applicable legislation mean?
  • Can management make a unilateral decision and appoint a representative agent in another EU member state or is a negotiation process mandatory?
  • As from when will Directive 2009/38/EC no longer apply to the UK?

You might remember that in the early years of the original 1994 European Works Council Directive, companies were faced with a similar situation, as the UK did not apply that Directive until 1999.

Next week, the UK citizens will vote for or against the Brexit!

If the UK decides to leave the EU, our experts will provide you with innovative solutions to allow you to navigate through this change smoothly.

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