Introducing our new project manager: Juanita Helsloot

Introducing our new project manager: Juanita Helsloot

Juanita Helsloot

In our end-of-year post we already hinted at some of the surprises we have in store for you this year. We are now ready to disclose the first one. As from January first of this year, Juanita Helsloot has joined the Presence team. Juanita will be managing translation projects from our Maastricht office.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I am Dutch and have a Colombian background. I graduated as a bachelor in translation and interpretation at the Translation Academy in Maastricht and started working for Presence fresh out of school. I have no quirky hobbies, I am more of a girl-next-door type of person. Although I do spend about 8 hours on my hair every two weeks…

What is your role in the Presence organisation?

I am one of the translation project managers at the Maastricht office. As from January first, Presence has taken over Context talen, a Dutch translation agency that was based up north. Kelly Roebroeks, who has been with Presence for a while now, will manage the legacy Context talen projects. I will manage the other Dutch translation projects. Since we share an office, she is always there to help me if the workload calls for it.

What makes you want to work at Presence?

I had already done an internship at Presence last year, and I really enjoyed it. Working in an international environment, with colleagues from different countries and with different professional backgrounds is something that really appeals to me. It also allows me to keep practising my three languages: Dutch, Spanish and English. Working with experienced translators from all over Europe, and managing translation projects for both large multinationals and SMEs, gives me an all-round view of the profession I chose to study. And at the outset of my career, these contacts really help to grow my professional network.

Want to send Juanita a personal note to welcome her or do you have questions about an existing or a new translation project?

Drop her a line or call her at +31 85 01 60 891