Language: marketing intelligence’s secret weapon

Language: marketing intelligence’s secret weapon

Many marketeers rack their brains about writing content that conquers the hearts of their target audiences. Mostly, they research and develop content in a source language and then localise it in the target language(s).

But what if there is a better way?

Ironically, language happens to be the most underrated resource on the market!

Instead of spending time, money and effort on content localisation, you could tap into the enormous potential of multilingual experts who live and work in your target markets. Local translators can come up with useful feedback on the world they live, love and work in. This will in turn provide you with valuable insights that allow you to perfectly tailor your message to the environment it’s intended for.

Our experience shows that when marketeers write a briefing or a text outline, translators or multilingual copywriters often enhance the message instead of “just translating it and sticking to the original”.

This is how you can turn your language professionals into market intelligence providers.

An appropriate approach for your content

The topic and the style of the content you want to produce will determine which option works best for you.

For technical and legal matters, translation will probably yield the best results. For creative marketing materials however, it is certainly a better option to have writers produce content from scratch in their mother tongue.

And if you want to do research on how to develop communications strategies for new products or services, crowdsourcing is definitely the way to go. It puts the knowledge of a multilingual community and fan base at your disposal.

Translate twice: from source to target and back again

Write content in your source language, have it translated into your target languages and then back again to the source!

You will be surprised to discover that the original has been changed and enriched in different ways: style, content etc…

This will give you access to insights that would otherwise have remained out of reach.

Translators and native-language writers as part of your marketing team

If you trust Presence with your multilingual content, you can add an almost unlimited number of language professionals to your marketing team.

It all starts with a detailed product or service briefing, so that our experts learn all there is to know about the topic they are going to write about.

From that moment onwards, we start building our translation databases and memories. These will be made available to every translator or writer when they work for you. In this way, we can decide to enlarge your team with the right experts for every kind of topic or marketing campaign.

You can even go one step further and not write a letter of content yourself: just let writers develop it for you from scratch in their native language.

Presence writers work and live in the country where the language you require is spoken. They are aware of the existing sensitivities and pitfalls, so they will make sure to avoid a faux pas that would make your product or service flop. An ill-chosen product name is enough to turn you into the laughing stock of your target audience. If you want a prime example, just ask Mitsubishi what happened when they introduced the Pajero model in Spanish-speaking markets! “Pajero” was read as “wanker”… So much for the proud reputation of their brilliant 4-wheel drive!

Crowdsource multilingual content

Your fans and expert users are out there!

This is a connected world and they love nothing more than to co-create your communications with you. This allows them to show their love and devotion to the service or product you develop.

But it also enables you to communicate in exactly the right way across languages and target audiences.

Presence puts the talent of your fans to good use so that they can develop content together with you. You will be surprised to see what they come up with!

With such a wealth of multilingual input at your disposal, the creative possibilities are simply endless. They will propel you miles ahead of the competition, who can only count on a limited number of resources to think “out of the box”. If you crowdsource, your network will expand into the infinity of creative space and any type of box will forever be lost on you.

Once you are satisfied with the results of your community’s gargantuan brainstorming exercise, Presence’s native copywriters will finetune the text or content to make sure that there are no errors left and that your message hits home…in their home markets.

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