Kenneth Jaspers

Kenneth is 28 years old and he will become a father very soon. He and his wife are expecting a baby in June! We can imagine that this, combined with his internship at Presence, is very exciting to him. Kenneth is currently studying at the Maastricht school of Translation and Interpreting.

Florian Dilleens

Next to Kenneth we also have Florian, a 24 year young adult graduating in Translation at UCLouvain. He is originally from Brussels, but he decided to challenge himself and stepped out of his comfort zone by taking part in this great experience at Presence far from home.

Romane Gajdzis

And last but not least, Romane! A 22 year old powerful lady who studies translation at the University of Liège. She is passionate about translation and languages in general and she is always looking for new experiences. Working for Presence is definitely one!

Grab a cup of coffee and find out more about them!

An internship and a pandemic. Not an ideal situation, how are you experiencing it?

K: I cannot complain. I’ve been at the office since the beginning of my internship with all very nice colleagues around me. They’ve been very helpful from the start!

F: I am very thankful for the trust placed in me by letting me join the team during those hard troubled times. Of course, the conditions are not making it easy on some aspects, but when your colleagues are committed to their work and happy to welcome you on board like it was the case for me, you have no other choice but to jump on the boat and live it to the fullest.

R: This is a stressful situation, before but also during the traineeship, because you don’t know how the situation is going to evolve if it’s going to get better or worse. I fear a new wave that may prevent me from continuing my traineeship in the best conditions, I fear getting sick and missing a part of my traineeship because of that. But I’d rather not think too much about that and enjoy the present times. I keep my fingers crossed that everything stays as it is now. 


About making coffee and copies… I’m sure that at Presence you will be able to do many other exciting and interesting things. What is on your daily agenda?

K: As a coffee lover, I can say that the coffee is very nice! I follow up on (translation) orders. I create the quotes, contact our clients and suppliers, check the texts and deliver translations. It’s always exciting to get to work with new programs and it was a bit of a challenge to get the hang of the ones we work with, but I can say that I can work with the programs we use fairly well already.

F: For the record: I was not asked a single time to make the coffee nor the copies, so I guess it is a good start already! My daily routine begins with checking my mailbox and my calendar to spot what I must focus on in priority. During the day, I’m doing a bunch of diverse tasks alongside my direct colleagues from the production team, from fulfilling requests for our sales team and being in touch with relevant entities; to receiving invoices or making sure every project turns into a success. 

R: Indeed, we have a lot of other things to do (and to be honest I haven’t made coffee or copies since I’m here). I work mainly with the translation project management team. I help my colleagues prepare the client’s documents for the translation, I arrange the layout when we receive the translation, I align segments, I translate little texts and I send translations to new translators to test them. Sometimes I also work with the interpretation project management team and I help them organize online meetings.


Finally, what do you hope to learn from your internship at Presence?

K: What I hope to learn most is to get more in-depth information about not only Presence, but about the world of online meetings and translation as well. My goal is to find out what the requirements are to become a project manager at Presence.

F: I have gotten many responsibilities already and that leads me to learn much about different mechanisms of the firm and especially about project management. First, I’d like to learn as much as I can about project management. It won’t have any secrets for me anymore, at least that’s the goal!  

Besides that, the sales point of view does interest me very much. I look forward to being able to understand it deeper if I am given that opportunity. Finally, I hope to be more confident about the transition from a student to a young educated professional in this society. I have no doubt that my internship at Presence will give me the keys to achieve that!

R: I have already learned a lot of things about project management. As a future translator, I think it’s interesting to see the opposite side of the mirror, to know what has to be done before and after a translation. Discovering corporate life is also very interesting. And I’m sure that I will still learn a lot of things during the two next months!


Thank you for your chat! We wish you all the best during your internship!