Looking back on 2017 and why it makes us feel proud

Looking back on 2017 and why it makes us feel proud

Looking back on 2017 and why it makes us feel proud

As soon as the last leftovers of the Christmas dinner are digested, people tend to look back at the good, the bad and the ugly of the past year. In the last week of December everyone tends to give into nostalgia, and at Presence we are no exception to that rule.

It has been quite an eventful year. We have expanded our footprint through strategic partnerships in the Netherlands, Germany and Eastern Europe. The Presence Academy - our consulting and training department - has become a strong and independent unit within the company. We have seen many professional interpreters and translators join our ranks in the past year, which has allowed us to help even more customers with their multi-lingual communications. And last, but not least, our team has been reinforced with three young and dynamic colleagues, bringing the average age in the company down from 39 to 35.

Here’s an overview of some of the highlights of the past year:

  • Cristina (admin and finance assistant) and Senne (sales) started working at Presence Translate & Interact after a successful internship.
  • We teamed up with other renowned companies in the translation industry to create The Language Consortium, an association of Language Service Providers who pool resources to participate in large tenders so that we can offer clients more services at competitive prices.
  • The Presence Academy became a self-sufficient entity within The Presence Group and launched its independent website. It provides access to a network of trainers and senior advisers who offer consulting and training related to communication techniques, strategic and multi-lingual interaction, and European Works Council (EWC) best practices.
  • We partnered up with BBK in Germany to serve German customers through a local branch. This partnership brings Presence’s new multi-lingual communication technologies and EWC expertise closer to the local customer base.
  • The Presence Academy developed a new ‘Finance Is Fun’ training module for EWC members.
  • Romane (translations assistant) joined our team after her internship at our Luxemburg office.
  • We obtained the ISO 17100 certification for our translation management services system.
  • We joined forces with TVcN (Tolk-en Vertaalcentrum Nederland) to cater for the Dutch conference market and to help Dutch event organisers with their events outside of The Netherlands.
  • We signed an agreement to take over Context Talen, a Dutch translation and language training company that has been offering language services in The Netherlands since 1997. This takeover becomes effective as of January 1st 2018.
  • Over 200 translators joined our ranks in the past year, enabling us to handle even more language combinations and larger translation volumes for our customers…
  • …and over 100 conference interpreters joined our international freelancer team, so that we can provide customers with more local teams for live meetings, and more language combinations for multilingual online meetings.
  • In the past year, we started a successful collaboration with 42 new customers. We look forward to co-creating effective events and multi-lingual communications with them in the years to come.

These are but a few of the achievements of which we feel proud. None of these we would have achieved without our great team of colleagues, freelancers, customers and friends that we work with. A big THANK YOU to you all!.

Yet the story does not end here. We have got some wonderful surprises planned for 2018. We are not going to spill the beans just yet, but keep tuned because next year will see the launch of an interesting new network, a fresh online presence and a new asset that we are not quite willing to share with you yet.

Do you want to know more about last year’s achievements - or to convince us to reveal our plans for next year? Or would you just like to wish us the best for 2018?

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