Looking for exciting conference interpreting projects? Join #TeamPresence

Looking for exciting conference interpreting projects? Join #TeamPresence

join team presenceAround this time of the year, conference interpreting graduates start taking the first steps in their freelance, interpreting career. They begin networking, join online peer groups, and make the odd appearance in meetings. However, scoring jobs can be quite difficult in the beginning, whether you are a young graduate or have decided to change careers later in life.

Presence Translate & Interact has been a trusted supplier of interpreting services for over twenty years. We have a vast pool of professional conference interpreters all over Europe, who work not only in live, in-person meeting environments, but also in virtual and hybrid settings. Presence’s customer base is also very diverse, ranging from NGOs, to corporate organisations and public institutions.

With the increasing number of meetings we service, our need for qualified conference interpreters continues to grow, so we are always looking for colleagues who want to join our freelance #TeamPresence. Here’s what we can offer you:

Networking opportunities that will give your (starting) career a boost

When we include you in our teams, you will meet a whole array of experienced interpreters who can recommend you and help you get even more jobs

Many, many meetings

Last year alone we provided conference interpreters at over 700 meetings and events, most of them spanning over several days.

Lots and lots of travelling

Do you like to travel? Last year our meetings took place in 52 different cities across Europe. If you don’t like travelling, you can work from your home office using our online interpreting platforms.


Working with experienced colleagues, is on-the-job training in itself. However, we also train our interpreters to work on our online interpreting platforms.


With the variety of jobs we offer and the fantastic interpreters you will work with, we guarantee that you will make enough memories to make you future grandchildren despair when you tell them yet another epic interpreting anecdote.

The unwavering support of our dedicated project managers

Our project managers make sure that you have all the information you need to be at your best. They are at your disposal from the moment they send you the request, to the moment you send your invoice, and even after that. They have a personal approach and know your preferences and qualities: for them you are more than just another supplier!

Are you ready to join #TeamPresence? We cannot wait to meet you!

Let us know who you are and what we can do for you by completing our online form.

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