The Presence #dreamteam has a new colleague: meet Amandine Borlon!

It has been very hard to keep the following as a secret, but we can finally spread the word: Amandine Borlon will join our dream team. She will be Presence’s new project manager! Not only will she be managing our multilingual meetings together with our team in Luxembourg, you might even find her interpreting at one of the meetings we organise. Amandine is a professional conference interpreter English, Spanish and French! How cool is that! Although, you will meet her yourself soon, we already want to give you sneak preview of who she is.


Amandine, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I am originally from a small village near Liège and I studied translation and interpretation at Marie Haps in Brussels. After my studies, I decided to travel and live abroad to improve my foreign language skills and to learn more about the different cultures associated with them. For over a year I have been living and working in Cork (Ireland) and for almost two years in Buenos Aires (Argentina).  In about one year, I have visited 17 different countries! I can talk about it for hours, which I prefer to do over some pastries (baked by yours truly of course).

What is your role in the Presence organisation?

Soon, I will be joining the Project Management team in Luxembourg, where I will work closely with Caroline and Sarah, but I will also go out ‘in the field’ and interpret along with our freelance interpreters. I am really looking forward to get started and to get to know my colleagues, the freelancers and the clients better.

What makes you want to work at Presence?

Well, that is not a hard question to answer: the very dynamic and stimulating environment. I love to work in a team, because everyone learns and is enriched by others and it never gets boring. Presence’s philosophy appealed to me, and the variety of projects they offer is both challenging and exciting. The main reason is, that they have the ‘buena onda’ I was looking for or ‘good vibe’ as we would say in English.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to talk about Amandine’s past as girl scout, or her participation in a wheelbarrow race, so if you would like to know more about that, about her work at Presence or if you just want to welcome her to the team, feel free to reach out to her!

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