The Presence Maastricht #dreamteam welcomes: Joyce Gerardu

When the conference season starts peaking early, we need all hands on deck. And since April has started with a vengeance, we are adding an extra set of them. This allows us to maintain the level of quality our partners are used to, and to accommodate further growth. We are therefore proud to announce that Presence’s infectious team spirit has made yet another ‘victim’. Indeed, it has proven to be hard to resist for Joyce Gerardu, our new Translations Project Manager at the Maastricht office. Languages and cultures are amongst her greatest passions, and since multilingual communication is at the core of what we do, the match could not be more perfect.


Welcome to the team, Joyce! Tell us who you are in 2 sentences.

I was born and raised in Maastricht and have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation. I am the proud owner of Toby, my dog, and my two cats, who are both twelve years old. Any spare time I have, is invested in shoe-defying walks with Toby, and wonderful evenings with friends at the Vrijthof, one of Maastricht’s finest squares. Hm … I may have used three sentences, is that OK?

I’ll let it slide for this one time. What will you be doing at Presence?

I am joining the Project Management Team in Maastricht, and will work alongside Kelly and Juanita. I cannot wait to get to know my new colleagues and to contribute to the company’s growth!

Last but not least, what has made you want to join our team?

Presence works with a diverse customer base that communicates in a variety of languages. This basically covers the two things I really look for in a job: the use of different languages and working with all kinds of people. The fact that Presence operates in an international environment, with all the challenges that this entails, was the another thing that appealed to me. And finally, I am joining a young team with a fantastic team atmosphere. Sending in my CV was a no-brainer.

Young… Thank you for that, Joyce!

Want to welcome Joyce in Nederlands, English or français? Or do you want to know more about the best bars at Vrijthof square? Drop her a line!

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