During the summer holidays, a few new colleagues jumped on board to join our dream team. Now that they have settled in a bit, it is the ideal time to introduce them to you. Meet Lisa Room and Jean-Philippe Quintin. They both joined our team of project managers for multilingual meetings.


Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

  • JP: My name is Jean-Philippe. I’m 30 years old and I live in Liège (BE). I worked at the US Embassy in Brussels for 3 years before becoming project manager with Presence. I’m also a volunteer with the Belgium Red Cross, providing the general public with first aid training. When I find time, I also serve as a Reserve NCO in the Belgian Armed Force. And I just graduated in June from Liège University with a degree in Crisis Management and Emergency Planning.
  • Lisa: I’m originally from Groningen but I lived in Milan, Italy for 12 years so I speak fluent Italian! I’ve studied languages there and I am happy to be able to use them in this international work environment. I’m very curious by nature, and creative. I love to paint, hike, be outdoors in nature, cook, discover new places, meet new people and travel.

It is great to have you both here with us! We’ve already had a chance to get to know you a little better, but I’m sure there are still things we don’t know. So I’m wondering what is “typically you”?

  • JP: I don’t stress easily. I am very relaxed and therefore I have the gift of remaining calm when needed. That is also necessary for my volunteer work at the Red Cross, of course. Aside from that, I’m a PRO when it comes to binge watching Netflix.
  • Lisa: I’m often compared to a Golden Retriever since I get along with almost everyone I meet.


What do you hope to accomplish after 3 years at Presence?

  • JP: Hopefully I will be able to speak Dutch fluently.
  • Lisa: I hope to enrich my experience and be confident and competent in this new role that I’m taking on, which is pretty new to me. I also hope to make friends and be able to travel!


To round up, what is your favorite motivational quote and why? 

  • JP: “Time to nut up or shut up!”
  • Lisa: I like the saying: “Be fascinated by your lows and unattached to your highs”. You can learn a lot from feeling low or stressed and how you handle it, but you can also enjoy it when things go well unexpectedly because life does not always go as planned.


Perfect quote to round up this interview!

Thank you so much for your time! Looking forward to working closely with you both!


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