Meet our event concierges!

Kelly Vandevelde has been with Presence for 3 years now and recently made the switch to our brand-new Event Department together with Juanita Helsloot.


Organising events and meetings comes naturally to Kelly. She completed her studies in the field of Event and Project Management and has gained considerable experience over the years. Until recently, she was the point of contact at Presence when it came to organising and coordinating meetings and events.


Juanita started working at Presence about 2 years ago as a project manager for written translations. She felt ready for a new challenge and decided to make the switch. And if there is one thing that we encourage at Presence, it is that our employees achieve the development goals they set for themselves!


So, it's high time to subject these ladies to a number of questions to see if they are indeed ready to put this department on the map!


Kelly, what exactly does your job entail now? 

Kelly: “In short, anything and everything related to organising corporate meetings/events, worldwide. From finding a location, reserving hotel rooms, booking a speaker and arranging transport and dinners, to social activities like a city tour.”
Juanita: “Using our networks and experience, we can offer the client the services that suit them: from organising the entire event to organising only a small aspect of their event.”


Sounds like a challenge, what is the most challenging aspect of your job, Juanita? 

Juanita: “The most challenging aspect is setting up an event that exceeds all the customer's expectations, and also surpasses the previous event!”
Kelly: “We are sometimes working against the clock. At meetings & events, last-minute assignments and/or changes cannot be avoided. But we always make every effort to meet the demands of our clients. We are known for our good service, and clients return time and time again because of this.”


2020 is just around the corner! What are you looking forward to in the coming months? 

Kelly: “We hope that people are excited by this line of services, of course. But I'm also looking forward to welcoming even more new clients. This livens things up a bit because no company, meeting or event is the same.”
Juanita: “I especially look forward to the personal contact with clients during the events. You are learning continuously, not only about the client but also about the market. And being and staying up to date with the latest trends is very important in our sector.”


To conclude, a short pitch. In one sentence, explain why people should contact you to organise their event or meeting. 
Juanita: “We are not just your average event managers, we take that extra step to help you create an unforgettable event.”
Kelly: “Thanks to our international networks and experience, we always create a great concept. We know what we are doing and we pay attention to the details!”


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