Alexandra Hannotte

Nadia Bendihaj

Darlene Doomernik

The holidays are over and everyone is going back to work! Meetings are happening again and events are being prepared. Busy times at Presence! That’s why we started looking for new colleagues. During the past few weeks, no less than three new top talents started! Let’s meet Nadia, Darlene and Alexandra, our new project managers for meetings and events!


Ladies, nice to meet you all, could you tell us a bit more about yourself? 

  • Nadia: I would describe myself as a world citizen with a curious mind, passionate about social issues and international relations. I’m half Moroccan and half Dutch and have spent the biggest part of my career in the Middle-East and Asia working for Marketing Research Firms and Advertising Agencies. Born and raised in Maastricht, I returned to my hometown a few years ago together with my husband Masih and 2 children (Milo of 8 years old and Stella who’s 2 years old). Our cat Pippa makes the family complete. I’m a big fan of crime series and love to cook and bake. In my spare time I like going onlong walks, reading a good book and spending time with family & friends. 
  • Darlene: I was born in the United States of America in the city Richmond Virginia. When I was eleven years old my family moved to the Netherlands, so I had to learn the Dutch language and culture. I felt home quickly and moved around in several cities within the Netherlands. I am married and have 2 kids. I studied Facility & Event management and have been working as a recruiter for several years.After that I always worked in the Event sector for corporate and private events. Small and large events all over the world; meetings, weddings, exhibitions, seminars, fashion and music events, employee parties.. You name it. I loved doing it all. I love traveling, music, sports and my babies….two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.
  • Alexandra: I'm a Belgian girl from Verviers. As a sociable and creative person, I chose to study Communications. Before I started working at Presence, I worked for non-profit associations. I also volunteer for Relay For Life (in Brussels and Verviers). I like being socially engaged. Actually, I'm a "touche à tout" girl. I like doing a lot of things. One of my hobbies is photography. I like the way I feel when I take pictures. I like searching for details and catching them in a picture. Otherwise I play the saxophone and the piano, I like drawing, gardening and cooking. In brief, I love life.


What distinguishes you from the rest? What is “typically you”?

  • Darlene: Hahaha, I think I would have to ask my friends and family. 
  • Alexandra: I know by heart the birth dates, phone numbers, blood groups from all of my family members.
  • Nadia: I always read magazines and books from the back (reverse). Especially when I’m reading thrillers I always like to read over to the last pages before going back to the beginning of the story. I somehow feel relieved when I read the spoiler beforehand and can leisurely read the rest of the book. I am still wondering what the psychology behind this is, hahaha. 


What do you hope to accomplish after three years at Presence?

  • Alexandra: I wish I can contribute to the development of the company. I hope I can bring people together and facilitate human exchanges, particularly in the context of worklife.
  • Nadia: I hope that in three years the Event Department has grown considerably. As the event sector will continue to develop and more events will take place online or in a hybrid form, we can offer our clients customized solutions for their events, based on their wishes and needs. I’m also looking forward to getting to learn more about the industry of translators and multilingual meetings and events. As someone who is completely new to this concept, it’s really interesting to find out the many elements involved and how complex it can be. 
  • Darlene: I also look forward to growing together with Presence and I believe that there is a lot more to come our way. Especially within the event sector as Nadia said.


To round this up, tell me: what is your favorite motivational quote?

  • Nadia: "Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it!" 
    You can create the opportunity for almost anything with the right attitude and the right thinking. Therefore infuse your life with action.

  • Darlene: Challenge yourself. It’s the only path which leads to growth” (Morgan Freeman)
  • Alexandra: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” (Stephen Hawking) 
    Everything is changing. If we can't do anything about that we can adapt ourselves; we have to; we need to.


These are great quotes to round off this conversation! Thank you ladies!

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