New Year’s resolutions? No thanks!

New Year’s resolutions? No thanks!

New Year’s resolutions do not work. And yet every year many of us get lured into joining gyms, downloading life organisation apps and buying countless books on becoming more confident (and richer). A month into the New Year, our gym membership card has become our toddler’s favourite toy, we have forgotten our efficiency apps’ passwords and we’ are none the richer. We tell ourselves that next year will be different - and quickly settle into our old ways.

Rather than analyse the reasons why New Year’s resolutions are so hard to achieve - it is better to look at the other options out there. Because there actually is a better way to start the year and to avoid the sense of failure that comes with not achieving one’s objectives. That blissful solution involves something that is at the core of our business and daily activities: words.

Whatever your mother tongue is, it is rife with wonderful words. So what if this year, instead of combining them into resolutions, you just picked one word for the whole year? Make this word your theme word for 2018. Have a good look at your resolutions and boil them down to the one word that connects them all. And whatever you do in the coming year, from dealing with customers to meeting with colleagues, keep this word in mind. Let this word be your coach and best friend throughout the year. By the time December 31st comes around the corner again, we can assure you that you will be glad you did.

How can one word trump detailed resolutions?

  • Reality is shaped by language. Keep your word for 2018 top-of-mind throughout the year. Your focus will gradually shift and reality will follow suit.
  • Nothing triggers procrastination like a to-do list. Look at your list of New Year’s resolutions. We bet that you just groaned. Right.
  • A word is gentler than a resolution, it holds you for better and for worse. It allows you to take things one at a time, instead of whacking you in the head if you did not follow its detailed instructions.
  • You can only pick one word, so you’ll probably go for a positive one. This positive energy will colour your mindset and make for a more constructive year

In the language industry, we deal with words on a daily basis. Having colleagues with an extensive vocabulary in various languages has been important for us.  It has allowed us to grow - and to help organisations express their messages exactly how they intended But today, just for one day, we invite you to bring your vocabulary down to just one word. Your word for 2018. Make it count.

We’d be delighted to know what word you have picked. Share it with us in the comment section below. Want to know more about the power of words? Drop us a line or call us at: +352 2 619 6054