Our first HR WEBTALK was a success!

Our first HR WEBTALK was a success!

Last week, The Presence Academy, the training and advise company of The Presence Group organised its first HR WEBTALK.

HR professionals are always looking for opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments and to benchmark with peers. However, attending live events means wasting precious time for travelling.

Whilst meeting up in person is still important and people will always enjoy an informal chat over a coffee or a beer, we offer solutions to enable HR professionals to find information, network and benchmark from the comfort of their office.

The aim of those 40-50 minute sessions is to concentrate on 1 topic presented by 1 speaker and moderated by Peter Van Den Steene, one of our senior advisers.

The sessions are recorded and can be made available upon request so that they can be shared with colleagues who could not attend the HR WEBTALK.

For this first edition, the focus was on European Works Councils when confronted with the potential legal hurdles after the Brexit.

Mrs Tanja Haak was our speaker. Tanja is a senior EWC adviser and managing partner of Haak-O’Riordan Consulting. She has been assisting European Works Councils with all legal matters since the EWC directive exists and she was instrumental in negotiating and drafting many EWC agreements.

After an introduction of the topic, Tanja concentrated on possible outcomes of the Brexit debâcle and the expected timeframe which, as it stands, is very hard to predict.

So where are we now?

  • Last week the European Commission published a draft of the so-called “Withdrawal Agreement” which will now be further negotiated with the UK
  • Additional guidelines for the future relationship EU-UK are expected in March 2018
  • Only after the Withdrawal Agreement is finalised will trade negotiations start.

In fact, the very fact of the Brexit is still up for grabs: will it finally happen or will it not?

Some are even hoping for the organisation of a new referendum so that disaster might as yet be averted. But suppose it does indeed happen, and the UK is confirmed on its course of leaving the EU in 2019, it is very important to be prepared so as to not fall into a legal void concerning the representation of the UK within your European Works Council. The problem is even exacerbated when you have a EWC agreement following British legislation.

Doomsday questions come to mind:

  • Will my EWC cease to exist?
  • Will I have to renegotiate?
  • Will I have to start from scratch?

If you are already starting to lose sleep at night, we have some good news!

The Presence Academy has created a Brexit survival kit and our experts are ready to tell you all about it! And just in case you missed the first HR Webtalk, we can provide you with the recording free of charge.

Drop us a line at contact@presencegroup.eu.

And don’t forget to look out for our next HR WEBTALK end of April!

Topic, speaker and date will be released soon.