Presence Translate & Interact joins the Globalization and Localization Association

The Globalization and Localization Association, GALA for short, is a non-profit trade association for the translation and localisation industry. It is a worldwide, independent community for the business side of translation, localisation, interpreting and language consultancy.

Beginning of this month, Presence Translate & Interact became a member of this renowned association

Why is our membership important for you as a customer?

As a GALA member we can provide you with:

  • access to even more language services/products
  • updates on the latest trends in the language industry
  • information on upcoming events concerning multilingual communications

Are you keen on reaching global audiences and markets? And do you want to know whether your investment in languages pays off in terms of sales? Ask one of our consultants to analyse your multilingual marketing and communications workflow. They will make sure that your multilingual strategy brings you the returns you are looking for. 

Want to know more about GALA? Click here