Presence Translate & Interact ranks among the top 30 interpreting leaders in 2019!

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Nimdzi, known for its top 100 language service providers ranking, has now also published a ranking of top players in the global interpreting industry. We are proud to confirm that Presence Translate & Interact ranks 22nd on that list!

This ranking is part of a report published earlier this month, in which Nimdzi also highlights some key trends and findings for our industry. They look at how Virtual Interpreting Technology is starting to reshape the market, and how the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions are not only bringing about new leaders, but also reflect the business optimism in our industry.

The report goes on to discuss some important findings per region, highlighting some of our key markets in Europe. In The Netherlands, the government will put out new bids worth a rough €37 million in the coming year and a half, going to 16 tenders. Since there are few big players in the Netherlands, the outcome of this battle for government contracts will shape the market the coming years. In Germany, France and Italy, the market seems to be more fragmented and run by small companies and sole proprietors.

The study then briefly touches on the progress made in the field of machine interpreting. A more in-depth study is currently being conducted and will be published soon.

The researchers conclude by stating that change is coming, driven by various market forces, and that the expectation is that interpretation will be the last language service that will be replaced by machines.

If you want to read the full report,  click here .


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