Learn all there is to know about European Works Councils in 1 day!

Save the date: 13 December 2018.

Meeting Venue: Holiday Inn Airport hotel

5 Reasons why you should attend the EWC Bootcamp for managers

  1. Keep abreast of the latest updates on the EWC Handbook that will be published by the European Commission, get all the tips on how to renegotiate existing EWC agreements and discover possible implications of the Brexit for your EWC.
  2. Learn how to build your EWC action plan with objectives and targets adaped to your EWC members.

    After the session, you will be equipped to finalise it and to start applying it to your European Works Council!
  1. Improve communications with your European Works Council, not only when it is "business as usual", but especially in times of conflict and tension.

    You will also discover how you can apply new digital communications technologies to your EWC for even more efficiency.
  1. European Works Councils can provide you with invaluable information about your company as EWC members can address senior management directly without any layers in-between.

    Moreover, European Works Councils can be the best ambassadors for your company and endorse corporate projects such as CSR, H&S, employer branding etc...
  1. You will discover all you need to know about EWCs and we will get you on your way with building YOUR EWC Roadmap.

The Presence Academy has created the EWC Bootcamp for people involved in running European Works Councils who want to learn how the forum can be an opportunity for all stakeholders.

This 1-day hands-on event puts your EWC on the EWC Roadmap, a tool based on our experience of working with hundreds of EWCs for more than 20 years.

Built on the feedback from managers, employees, EWC experts, trade unions, ... the EWC Roadmap aims to make your European Works Council UNIQUE, bringing value to your company all the while being firmly anchored in the legal basics.

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