Showcase: our translation services

Showcase: our translation services

Presence Translate & Interact has been offering language services for over 20 years, not only written translation but also other related services like: interpretation, translation project management, copywriting and transcreation. Moreover, Presence Translate & Interact works with state-of-the-art translation technologies and tools, in order to serve a wide range of customers, and meet the budgets they want to invest in multilingual communication. We work with in-house project managers and translators, a vast and stable group of freelance colleagues, and partner agencies specialising in specific topics. Our area of expertise is the translation and development of business communication, B2B and B2C documents (brochures, technical fact sheets, marketing texts) and legal translations.

Our translation services

Full Service Translation

A translator (native speaker with specific expertise) translates the text, and a second translator proofreads and perfects the translation (double check of grammar, style, consistency and content).  There are two people working on one document. We recommend this type of translation for external and B2C communication, marketing texts, newsletters, etc.

Translation Only

A translator (native speaker with specific expertise) translates and proofreads the text. So there is no second person involved in the translation project. We offer this solution for “literal” translations, where the customer proofreads and the final text is used for distribution within the company or a similar purpose.

Machine translation with post-editing by a translator

Our translation software translates the text, using the customer-specific translation memory.A specialised translator (or post-editor) then corrects the translation so that the final text is clear and correct (very different from Google Translate ‘translations’…)

This service is not suited for every type of content, but it is perfect for short descriptions, lists and repetitive content, as it is a quick and budget-friendly solution.

Multilingual copywriting/Transcreation

A writer (rather than a translator) writes a text based on a briefing (copywriting) or based on a source text (transcreation). The result is not a translation, it is an original text that meets the set objective and words the message in the target language.

This service is recommended for newsletters, blog posts, and for product descriptions, e-commerce and web content. Our writers take SEO and keywords into account when they write your texts.

Why work with Presence Translate & Interact?

  • one project manager
  • competitive tariff/word
  • no extra charges for urgent jobs
  • screened native speakers and proofreaders, specialised in specific fields of expertise
  • discounts of up to 80% for repetitions in your documents
  • use of a customer-specific translation memory for consistent translations
  • free use of the Presence Translation Studio platform
  • we handle all file formats
  • website translation: automated workflow for the translation of CMS systems
  • we also offer related language services and technologies (interpreters, multilingual webinars, videoconferencing, language and communications training)

Do you need some guidance on what language service is best suited for your project or would you like to request an offer and/or a demo of our translation platform free of charge? Please contact:

Jelle De Leeuw
Communications Manager

Landline: +31 (0)88 2555270
Mobile: +32 489 571 773
Mail: jelle.deleeuw@presencegroup.eu

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