#TeamPresence: Meet the trainees

In the midst of the craze resulting from COVID-19, events are being rescheduled and taken online. This means an additional workload for the whole team so we are more than happy to have our trainees supporting us. Exceptional circumstances like these are when you learn the most! Meet our superhero-trainees Romain and Rachel!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Rachel: I'm 23 years old and I'm currently studying translation and interpretation (EN/NL>FR) at the University of Liège. I am half British, half Belgian, and passionate about languages. I love travelling and exploring new places. I actually get a kick out of doing things I‘ve never done before, be they work-related or not. 

Romain: I'm also 23 years old and based in Aywaille, 80 kilometres from Presence’s Doncols office. If all goes well, I will be getting my translation degree in June for English, French and Spanish. I was fortunate enough to study 5 months in Chile, a country whose culture I fell in love with right from the start. Backpacking is my favourite way of travelling.  I am half Italian, but sadly I do not speak Italian at all. I do feel very Italian: I love the cuisine and I am a die-hard Forza Milan fan. I am also a huge basketball fan, much like many of my Presence colleagues. So my internship here was truly meant to be!  

What makes you want to work at Presence?

Rachel: The atmosphere and the team spirit at Presence are awesome! When I met Caroline in Doncols for my interview, she was nice, caring and open-minded. I also like the fact that Presence has a dynamic team, always there to help. Everyone goes out of their way to make us feel comfortable. Our tasks are varied so our weeks here are far from dull. I love interacting with different nationalities and cultures and that is pretty much what we do here when we call or mail colleagues around the world. Being able to use and practice the languages I have been learning for more than 6 years now, is the most rewarding part of the job. 

Romain: At first I did not know what to expect when I sent an email to Caroline. But after my interview back in August 2019, I could not have been more motivated to do my internship here. What pulled me in was the diversity of the services Presence offers to its customers, and the good vibe I picked up in the office. After five years on the school benches, it feels great to have a taste of the real business world. Based on my experience up until now, Presence is the perfect environment to gain experience and to show what you are made of. The enthusiasm that Caroline and the rest of the team have shown us is definitely a bonus. Last but not least, I love that this company is so young and dynamic, all the while boasting so much experience in the business. 

What is the biggest fear that you hope to overcome thanks to your internship at Presence?

Rachel: My biggest fear is to get overwhelmed by work. I'm very organized but when pressure or stress are added to the equation, I am afraid to mix things up. I hope that team Presence will teach me how to be even more proactive. This is a skill that is very useful not only at work, but also in life in general.

Romain: As any student who gets a first glimpse of the business world, I am obviously insecure about my lack of experience in pretty much everything. However, I am confident that my personal qualities and my eagerness to work and learn will help me to overcome that. I am thrilled to be here, and I have no doubt that Presence will get me where I want to be.