Meet Jan Gaddum!

The Presence #dreamteam is pursuing its expansion into Germany!

Jan Gaddum

Daniel and Bart, our German Communications Managers have been working hard over the last years to pave the way to the German market. The time has now come to bring in an extra set of hands, in order to have sufficient capacity to serve our German customers the Presence way - helping them to get their unique voice heard. Jan Gaddum joined Presence Translate & Interact to cater for our German contacts who need language services, from interpretation and written translation to localised copy. Since he’s our latest newbie, a quick introduction to the world of Jan is in place. #SpoilerAlert



Jan, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I’m originally from Essen in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area. After secondary school, I did a lot of travelling: I spent a year in the States as an exchange student, studied in Freiburg and Cambridge and lived in England for a while. After university, I started out as a key account manager in the automotive industry and landed in Aachen. I settled down, and now have two lovely kids (a four-year-old boy and an eighteen-month-old baby girl). They personally make sure that I don’t get bored when I come home from work.

What is your role in the Presence organisation?

I will be one of the Communication Managers for the German market, and focus on written translations. I will be joining Bart and Daniel, Presence’s current “Team Germany”. 

What makes you want to work at Presence?

During the conversation with our CEO, Ben De Goignies, I immediately felt comfortable about the team I was joining. There is a very friendly, almost familiar atmosphere amongst all the employees of the company and I love its flat hierarchy. Moreover, no two working days are the same because we service very diverse sectors and organisations. It did not take me very long to know that I was game for this.


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