The value of language

The value of language

We are living in the digital age and the ways people are doing business have been profoundly transformed . Whether one likes this development or not, one thing is for sure: it is here to stay!

At Presence we have decided to embrace digital disruption and to completely change the way we work so as to be the preferred communications partner for our clients, both in the digiconomy, as in the traditional economy.

So what has changed? Literally everything!

For one thing, we have let go of the old paradigms and developed the right technological tools to enable multilingual communications in the digital space.

We are often asked: will this be the end of translations done by humans and will people no longer meet in person? Will all meetings be moved to cyberspace? Both questions can be answered in the negative, so translators do not need to worry about being out of a job anytime soon and meeting venues are not going to go out of business in the future!

The truth is that digital technologies will enable humans to focus more and more on what truly sets us apart: creativity. Once the implications are fully understood, a whole new world opens and perceived threats become opportunities.

Moreover, recent research has shown that the world is not becoming monolingual and that, whilst English might be dominating the business sphere, people are much more likely to buy from or work with an organisation that addresses them in their own language. That leaves us with a world where languages and creativity will determine the future and for communication experts working with digital technologies, it is very bright indeed!

It is very important to understand that the digiconomy is also highly complex and what we already know is that for organisations to win, they will have to make the business case for the use of multilingual digital technologies so that the value of language can be proven and measured by means of KPIs adapted to their needs.

In the multilingual digital space as in the traditional economy, it is even more important to know that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Talk to us and learn what this means for your business!

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We are currently working on a new service offering that will bring value and sustainability to EWCs… Keep your eyes open for Phd in the months to come.