Why become a freelance translator at Presence?

Organisations are gradually understanding that communicating in various languages is a crucial element of their communications strategy. The demand for translation of online and offline texts is indeed on the rise as it allows companies to interact with target groups and markets all over the globe. 

Presence Translate & Interact has been a trusted supplier of translation services for over twenty years. Not by sticking to old formulas and workflows, but by investing in new technologies and in the invaluable creativity of language professionals who help us achieve our customers’ targets.

Our robust growth comes with a continuous, growing need for freelance translators. But what is in it for you, freelance translator? Of course, you work when and where you want, but that is nothing new. What we are offering to you now, is the added bonus of excitement and challenge. That is, if you are into that…

We offer you:

The possibility to work in and contribute to a top-notch, ISO-certified working environment

Presence has the ISO 17100 certification. This means that we have the necessary tools and processes in place to guarantee the quality of our translations. We did not only obtain this certification thanks to the quality of our internal processes and our employees, but also to our outstanding translators. Without the latter, we could never provide our customers with quality texts.

The opportunity to explore the variety of translation jobs pertaining to your field of expertise

Our customer base is very diverse, ranging from companies listed on the stock exchange, to charitable associations working to promote a good cause. Each organisation has their own lingo and specific demands. You will thrive, translating for organisations and movements that are exactly your cup of tea.

Free use of our Presence Translation Studio

The Presence Translation Studio is a cloud-based platform that allows translators, editors and project managers to collaborate in realtime. Now there’s a gate into a community of professionals if there ever was one! Additionally, with so many eyes watching, quality and consistency are guaranteed.

The unwavering support of our dedicated project managers

Our project managers are trained language professionals and boast excellent people skills. This killer combination means that our customers are served in a timely and efficient manner, and that everyone involved knows what is expected of them, and when. Moreover, we work with a dedicated project manager per project, which makes the communication concerning the project at hand, and the collaboration as a whole, more pleasant.

Come and join our team!

Are you a freelance translator with a thirst for exciting and diverse projects? Let us know who you are and what we can do for you by completing our online form!

We cannot wait to meet you!

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