Your Presence team is in lockdown but ready to help you!

Since a few weeks the situation has been very hectic. The COVID-19 crisis forces us all to completely rethink the way we think and interact. Travel is banned, events are forbidden and the ones that were foreseen have been cancelled until further notice. We all should avoid going to the office as much as possible and work from home.

Presence has switched to a virtual operating mode and we are proud to announce that we are fully ready to withstand the coming storm.

We set priorities with all our stakeholders in mind:

1. Protect our team as well as their families
2. Ensure that we can serve our clients as before and adapt our services to the circumstances
3. Make sure that our linguists and partners can continue to work for us remotely
4. Comply with all WHO recommendations as well as with the regulations of the authorities of the areas where we operate

But there is a lot more to come...

Protective and practical measures had to be put in place first, but now that our contingency plan is in place, it is time for the next phase.

Since we are a virtual as well as a live communications agency, there is nothing to stop us from being creative and imagining new online meeting and interaction solutions.

Soon you will start noticing a wave of Presence innovations!

This is also the time to consolidate our relationships with our clients, partners and linguists so that we will emerge stronger out of this crisis together.

We welcome any suggestions from our stakeholders that we can transform into concrete and efficient solutions that will benefit our communities.

Let’s take the opportunity to change the way we manage our businesses to make them more relevant and more meaningful. These are challenging times, but as entrepreneurs we are used to this and we have been through tough times before.

Please share your ideas, needs or requirements with us or just ask us for advice!

We are always glad to help!


Stay safe, stay home!