Join us on October 25th at the EWC Roundtable with the European Commission

EWC Roundtable: Contribute to the first EWC Handbook!

Brussels, 25 October 2018

3 reasons why you should attend:

  • The EU Commission wants to publish an EWC Handbook with best practices to boost social dialogue within large transnational companies.
  • It is important that this handbook be “neutral”, not biased either towards trade union or employer federations.
  • The EWC Roundtable is the chance for all EWC practitioners to provide input to the EU Commission and to steer the future of European Works Councils.

Through European Works Councils, management informs and consults workers on business progress and any significant European-level decisions that could affect employment or working conditions.

The European Commission has published an evaluation of the European Works Council Directive (recast Directive 2009/38/EC), adopted in 2009, confirming its added value for workers and companies.

According to the report, information for workers improved in terms of quality and scope. However, the Commission also finds that the effectiveness of the consultation procedure can still be improved.

In light of the positive evaluation of European Works Councils, Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, commented:

"We should build on good practices among companies already using European Works Councils and on the knowledge of EU social partners to stimulate more take-up of this important instrument and to make existing ones even more effective. And the Commission will put its money where its mouth is: we will dedicate a €7 million grant programme in 2019 to support the implementation of the handbook and step up our support to social dialogue in the EU."

Since the European Trade Unions have “demanded” legislative changes to the Directive, the European Commission wants to scan the field for “best practices” and include them in an EWC Handbook.

This “Practical handbook for EWC practitioners” aims to:

  • increase the take-up of EWCs, particularly in sectors that have so far set up few of those bodies
  • further improve EWC effectiveness, raising the quality of decision making, implementation and social standards
  • spread good practices by codifying and sharing concrete examples of approaches that have worked well

The handbook should contain the following chapters:

  • What are EWCs?
  • Which companies are eligible?
  • How are EWC negotiations started and EWCs set up?
  • How do EWCs operate?
  • What company changes impact EWCs?
  • Enforcement and remedies
  • Brexit

During the EWC Roundtable, you can suggest other elements to include in the EWC handbook.

This is a unique opportunity for all EWC stakeholders!

You can view the Roundtable agenda here

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