Register now: HR Webtalk on the implications of working longer [past event]

Register now: HR Webtalk on the implications of working longer

HR WEBTALK: planning for the opportunities and challenges of an ageing workforce.

Too often organisations rack their brains about adapted measures for older employees.

It is necessary to change this paradigm, however, and to consider the opportunities of different generations working together. Indeed, people are willing to work longer if they can do so in positive working environments. Money, it appears, is not the main motivator.

We therefore need to understand what generations want and expect.

Research shows that people of all ages want more or less the same: they want to be respected, to be recognised for what they are doing and to feel appreciated.

However, generations do not communicate these values in the same way and this is where the shoe pinches.

This HR WEBTALK will give you some handles to work with:

  • What are generations?
  • How are generations defined and what is their influence on the work floor?
  • How can cooperation between generations be improved so that everyone can work in a harmonious environment where people are motivated to work longer?
  • Recommendations on how to deal with each generation in the workplace (e.g. communications, career development, …


HR WEBTALKS are online information and benchmarking sessions for HR professionals.

HR professionals are always looking for opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments and to benchmark with peers.

However, attending live events means wasting precious time travelling.

Whilst meeting up in person is still important and people will always enjoy an informal chat over a coffee or a beer, we offer solutions to enable HR professionals to find information, network and benchmark from the comfort of their office.

HR WEBTALKS are short sessions of 50 minutes with 1 speaker, 1 topic and a moderator.

The sessions are recorded and can be made available upon request so that they can be shared with colleagues who cannot attend.



5 minutes

Introduction of the speaker and the topic by the moderator

5 minutes

Presentation by the speaker

20 minutes


20 minutes

Pascal Roskam will be the speaker for this HR WEBTALK.
Pascal is lector at the Institute of Higher Education of Ghent and specialises in HRM and generation management. He believes that the value of different generations working together can enrich any working environment and make organisations more efficient and more competitive on the market.

Peter Van Den Steene, CEO of Presence and senior adviser of The Presence Academy will be the moderator for this session.
Peter has worked with HR professionals for over 20 years and is an expert in HR communications. He helps organisations by challenging their thinking and to build roadmaps in order to help them to communicate complex issues in persuasive ways to diverse audiences.

This Webtalk took place on May 3, 2018. Registration is therefore no longer possible. Would you like to receive a recording? Contact us!