EWC Bootcamp Agenda

EWC Bootcamp - 13 December 2018

Holiday Inn Brussels Airport


 Welcome and introduction


 EWC trends and future expectations - Mrs Tanja Haak - EU Labour relations Advisor

  • European Commission's upcoming review of  Directive 2009/38/EC
  • Update on the latest EWC developments


 Operational definition of EWCs - Mrs Tanja Haak & Mr. Peter Van Den Steene

  • Thinking European vs. thinking local
  • What does it take to be an EWC member in practice?
  • Do we live in the same world? Understanding local realities


 Coffee break


 Explanation of the EWC Roadmap process - Why build an EWC Roadmap?

  •  How can the EWC Roadmap improve EWC value and efficiency?




 Towards a new type of communications plan for the EWC, enabled by new technologies

  • The EWC in the digital age
  • What tools do EWCs need in today's digital environment
  • Who are the stakeholders in the communications process?
  • Content, frequency and impact


 From a reactive to a proactive EWC

  • From possible threat to opportunity
  • Why are many EWCs not relevant?
  • How to align the EWC with your day-to-day business


 Coffee break



 Making the EWC relevant

  • Restructuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and the role of the EWC
  • The EWC as an ambassador of company strategy
  • The EWC as a mirror of local realities


 Conclusions of the day

The EWC Bootcamp ends at 17.00h


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