New CAT tool

Farewell, Wordbee, hello MemoQ! 

Presence Translate & Interact has grown significantly over the years, and so the time has come to optimize our production processes. That is why we have opted for a new CAT tool, namely, MemoQ. 

Why MemoQ? 

Your feedback and the functionalities offered by that programme were the decisive factors. From our online survey of translators, we learned that around 30% of you already own this tool. More than 50% of you are familiar with the programme. We therefore hope that by introducing this tool, our collaboration will be even smoother, and that you will see this as an added value for your work.

What will this mean for us?

  • Do you already have a licence for MemoQ?
    If so, then you can simply continue working in your own version.
  • You don't have a MemoQ licence?
    In that case, you can work via our licence in the web editor.
  • Would you like to purchase MemoQ yourself?
    You can do so via Presence with 15% off the purchase price under a special "referral programme".

CAT breakdown

With the introduction of MemoQ, we will also make some changes to the discounts on matches. The table below shows the new breakdown for the translation of editable files: 

100% match

80% discount

 95% match

70% discount

 85% match

50% discount

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