Breaking news: Presence opens office in The Netherlands

Breaking news: Presence opens office in The Netherlands

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Presence Translate & Interact has now added a Dutch office to its existing footprint. On April 1st 2016, Presence’s President of the Board and Innovation & Business Development CEO, Peter Van Den Steene, and Humphrey Perdaems, the Manpower Group Financial Director, signed the agreement that makes the partnership between Presence and the Manpower Group company TVCN (Tolk-en Vertaalcentrum Nederland) official.

Thanks to this agreement, Presence will take over the management of the translation activities of TVCN so that both companies can work on and expand their activities in the Dutch market. From now on, both companies will operate in The Netherlands by the name of TVCN/Presence.


TVCN was created 35 years ago and has a database of 1500 interpreters and translators who offer language services in over 130 languages. These services include phone interpretation, on-site interpretation, and written translations. TVCN boasts a Joint Global Platform that allows customers to order translations online, and get them back in record turnaround times. It was also awarded the NEN-EN 15038 certificate, a quality certificate for companies offering professional translation services.

This agreement injects Presence’s long-standing linguistic expertise and its innovative language technologies into TVCN’s existing translation craftsmanship. Both companies have quality as their main priority. They assert that this partnership will not only allow them to continue serving their existing customers in the way that they have done until now, but that they will also be able to complete their product and service offering in order to make the customer experience even more rewarding.

Would you like to know more about this partnership or about the products and services offered by Presence Translate & Interact and TVCN?

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