Presence Translate & Interact obtains certification NEN-EN 15038

Presence Translate & Interact obtains certification NEN-EN 15038

NEN-EN 15038

Doncols – April 4th, 2016 – Presence Translate & Interact’s Dutch organisation has obtained the quality certification NEN-EN 15038 for language service providers offering consistent quality of translation services. This standard is published by the European Committee for Standardisation and certifies translation-specific quality management using independent on-site audits by recognised certification bodies. NEN-EN 15038 sets out some basic requirements with regards to the human resources, services and procedures used in the provision of translation services, and to client-Translation Service Provider relations.

  • Human Resources and Processes: we make sure that our translators and everyone who is involved in a translation project has the right competences, and that appropriate technology and communication equipment is used.
  • Quality Management System: the system we use is well-documented and systematic to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Client-TSP relation: we follow the steps set out by the NEN-EN 15038 standard to ensure that the collaboration with our clients is seamless and that every project is successfully concluded.
  • Confidentiality: we handle project-related client information with the utmost care
  • Procedures: we have documented procedures in place for all three subsections of the standard, i.e. Project Management, Preparation and Translation. These procedures are included in a smooth workflow of translation, checking, revision, review, proofreading and final verification.

About Presence

The Luxembourg-based company Presence offers a broad range of language services for multinationals and SMEs. It specialises in interpretation, written translation, event organisation and management.

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