TVcN and Presence join forces for more congresses across Europe

TVcN and Presence join forces for more congresses across Europe

We are proud to announce that TVcN and Presence have decided to join forces. On November 23rd, representatives of both companies signed the contract that paves the way to jointly cater for the international congress market. Presence brings its database of over 3,000 conference interpreters and its international network. TVcN contributes its knowledge of the Dutch conference market. Thanks to the specific expertise of both companies, we can provide the Dutch customer base with professional conference interpreters and top-notch audio-visual equipment in every European country. Prices will remain stable and attractive. If you are in charge of organising the same multilingual congress in different countries and you want to be sure of the quality of the interpreters and the technical equipment, this is good news for you. Thanks to our joint efforts, it is no longer necessary for you to look for new (possibly unreliable) partners everywhere you go.

We abide by the same quality standards in every country we visit, because we always work with experienced, highly-skilled conference interpreters, and a set pool of ISO-certified A-V partners.

Who are we:

Presence Translate & Interact

We are a full service agency for multi-lingual communications, whatever shape or form they take. We do more than just translate and interpret for our customers. We help them develop a coherent multilingual communications strategy, implement it and measure ROI by means of KPIs that are relevant to their specific situation.

We work across Europe and have A-V partners and conference interpreters in all the main cities, so that we can set you up with a local team wherever you go. Our innovative online meeting platforms (with simultaneous interpretation) are the latest addition to our range of services. Thanks to the myriad options available to us, our experts can tailor communication plans that include the mix of technologies for live, online and hybrid meetings that work just for you. After all, technologies are only effective when they are used efficiently.


Tolk-en Vertaalcentrum Nederland, TVcN for short, helps people understand each other. They have been doing this for over 40 years, together with their professional interpreters. Their interpreters work by telephone, video or on site, in every sector you can think of: municipal administration, hospitals, courts, international conferences, government and many more. With access to 1,500 interpreters in 199 languages, TVcN can overcome any language and cultural barrier you might face. Helping people understand each other is what they like most!

TVcN’s interpreting service is a collection of various interpreting services. So, you can always select the service that is just right for you.

Are you interested in conference interpreting?

Mail us at: jelle.deleeuw@presence-tvcn.nl

Call us at: +31 88 255 52 22