With more and more business being conducted on-line – clear and accurate written communication has become more crucial than ever. Reaching audiences, markets and target groups in remote parts of the world is now common to many businesses, with websites, web shops, promotional material and manuals all vital.

However, they all need to have texts that are clear and absolutely correct - with any errors likely to seriously damage your credibility. So, never risk the chance that your texts have been poorly translated!

At Presence we combine the latest translation technology with the creativity of experienced professionals. This enables us to offer you superb quality translations - at competitive prices!

We offer three types of translation - each one suited to different types of texts:

    • Perfect for direct publication
    • Checked for grammar and spelling
    • Proofread by an independent proofreader
    • Translated using the words in the translation memory

    • Perfect for texts with repetitive content
    • Checked for grammar, punctuation and consistency
    • Post-edited  by human translator
    • Translated using the words in the translation memory

    • Perfect for internal communication
    • Checked for grammar and  punctuation
    • Translated and proofread by the same translator
    • Translated using the words in the translation memory

Our communications and project managers can maximise your written translations and help you choose the best possible translation solution. If you want your website or your internal reports translated, then we can provide you with a bespoke solution - that will fully optimise the power and effectiveness of your message.

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