In today’s globalised world, many virtual and live meetings require a translating and interpreting service. Presence provides you with the language professionals and the equipment you need - for your multi-lingual event, be it live or online. We pride ourselves on having no one-size-fits-all services. Our language solutions are developed based on your communication objectives. You determine your tone of voice and message, we make sure it is heard exactly like you intend it to be, anywhere in the world.

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Why Presence?

  • Local interpreter teams in all big European cities
  • Live, telephonic and online meetings with simultaneous interpretation
  • Language solutions based on your specific objective, target group and budget
  • Translators and interpreters for every field of expertise

More than just interpretation & audiovisual equipment

We have been supplying translating and interpreting services for over 20 years and we have seen multilingual communications evolve over time. Together with our customers and partners, we have taken an active part in shaping them to the changing needs of various audiences.

The key to successful communication resides in the combination of quality products/services, a deliberate (multilingual) communication strategy and best-in-class professionals, technologies and tools. We know that you have the first covered, our communication consultants will combine the latter to make sure that the world knows what you have to offer!

We want to do more than supply you with translations, interpreters or audiovisual equipment and software. We want to accompany you on your communications journey from the outset until you have reached the destination you envisaged.

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For Interpreters & Translators

For Interpreters & Translators

Are you a freelance interpreter or translator and do you want to work with us?

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