Thanks to the new technologies, hybrid meetings and events will offer an additional alternative to the existing live and online meeting formats. Why? Because they combine the advantages of in-person and online meetings. Find out more reasons below!

1) Live & virtual: a perfect match

Your participants, speakers and other stakeholders can join your meeting/event on-site or virtually. People on-site can interact with each other during coffee breaks, lunches, etc.

2) Budget optimisation

Think about smaller meeting rooms, reduction of travel expenses, reduction of hotel costs, reduction of costs for per diems. Participants, speakers and other stakeholders can easily follow the meeting/event from home or from another meeting room. The interpreters will also work from home, so you don't need to take in account extra space for the interpreting booths in the meeting room.

3) Reduction of carbon footprint

Less travel will also trigger a reduction of your carbon footprint.

4) No time wasted traveling

Time is money, so use your time in an efficient way. Why lose time travelling if you can follow your meeting remotely.

5) Increased n° of participants

You can easily invite people all over the world to join your hybrid meeting / event from home. But it's not always that easy to invite them to travel and join your live meeting.

6) Engagement before, during and after your hybrid meeting

Via the latest online technology you can optimise engagement before, during and after the meeting / event. Think about pre-event teasers, QA via chat, crowd engagement, after movies, etc. This will result in more value and communication before, during and after your event.

7) Access to interpreter teams worldwide

The interpreting team doesn't have to travel, so we can ask interpreters from all over the world, instead of looking for locals to reduce the costs.

8) COVID-19

Hybrid meetings are a flexible solution to keep your communication going and to keep meeting in the future. There will always be people that can't travel for travel restrictions and health reasons.

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