They are truly something else, these event masterminds who effortlessly organise whatever you desire. Do you want to hold a fun brain-storming session with some funky attributes? They will set you up with a tiltable table filled with marbles and mini ping pong sets. A practical solution for your foreign guests to participate in the factory tour? They will provide you with interpreters and a portable interpretation system. An app to make sure that colleagues can see the CEO’s presentation and ask questions in real time, whatever language they speak and wherever they are based? Consider it done.

It is a specific breed of people, indeed. But however different one event organiser can be from the next, they all have the following 5 traits in common.

1. They know themselves

Event organisers do not know it all - but they know very well what they do not know. What I mean is that they know what is within their own abilities and knowledge and what isn’t. They mix their own strengths with those of their partners and that cocktail is injected into your event. Throughout their careers, they build an extensive network of very diverse professionals. Audio-visual suppliers, venues, guides, and even musicians and clowns are all part of their posse. Event organisers visit event fairs to stay abreast of the latest event trends to continuously expand their network. Just like the Beatles, they know that they can only get by and excel 'with a little help from their friends'!

2. They know where to look

Did you forget to buy the gift for that manager celebrating his 25th year in the company? And he’s into an obscure brand of whiskey that you promised you would have shipped over? Expert event organisers know the quickest and most effective way to find what you are looking for. They do more than just google your request and read out the results. They like to think for themselves and come up with creative solutions to any problem under the sun.

3. They are clairvoyants with an invisibility cloak

Event organisers feel no need to be in the spotlight. They wrap themselves in their invisibility cloaks until they sense that you need something. As soon as that happens (and often even before the need materialises in your head), they miraculously appear and help you. A good event organiser anticipates the group’s needs, and has contingency plans for the rare occasion when something does not go quite as planned. And when that happens, they prioritise and get the issue solved in no time.

4. They know about carrots and sticks

Event organisers are kind and know how to motivate the people they work with. But do not mistake their kindness for weakness. They run their events in the same way that CEOs run their companies: being kind and grateful for the contribution of their colleagues, yet sternly managing them to achieve the best possible result. An event expert’s main goal is that their customer feels that the event was a success, and whoever tries to sabotage that has a close encounter with the stick waiting around the corner.

5. They dot the i’s and cross the t’s

They are perfectionists. They invest a lot of time and effort into making sure that everyone is comfortable with what they are doing. Before the event, they take the time to listen to their customer’s objectives and ideas and co-create the project so that it matches the customer’s wishes. They then look for the combination of partners that will work best to realise them. They have short communication lines with everyone involved and they leave nothing to chance. On D-day, they do a final check of the installations and brief everyone one final time. And when the show begins, they become zen masters who take all your worries away.

When it comes to making events work for you and your organisation, dealing with professionals is essential. It allows you to tap into their knowledge and networks and to steer clear of all the time-consuming practical arrangements and follow-up that bog you down. Let them handle the logistics of the event so that you can focus on what you are actually best at: content.

Would you like to meet an event organiser in real life? We’ve got a couple of spectacular specimens waiting for your call!

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