EWC Training

EWCs: work in progress

A lot has happened since the original EWC Directive came into force in 1994 during which we have seen EWCs evolve significantly throughout the years.S ome EWCs have succeeded in becoming a valuable part in their companies’ decision-making process - whilst others have failed to go beyond their role as ‘information-gatherers’. It is, of course, true that not all EWCs have the same ambition, but at Presence we want to make sure that every EWC fulfils its precise objectives.

ewc training

To make sure EWCs achieve their objectives, we have developed the EWC Road Map. This is the process that EWCs have to go through to realise the objectives they have set and to add value for both employees and the companies within which they are embedded. This Road Map is EWC-specific and is developed on the basis of analytic data that we gather – having taken into account the ambitions, expectations and value systems of a specific EWC and its management team.

We can help you turn your EWC into a valuable tool - if you let us analyse it!

We will:

  • Scan your ambitions and expectations with the EWC metrics
  • Map your value systems and group dynamics with the EWC Dynamics
  • Help you develop your EWC Road Map so you achieve your goals
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Modular training

Does your EWC need to be trained on a specific topic? Together with EWC experts and practitioners we have developed hands-on training modules so that you kan put your newly acquired knowledge in practice right after the session. Get up to speed on:

  • do’s and don’ts for EWC members
  • information and consultation
  • trade union structures
  • time management and priority setting
  • and much more…

Customised training

Maybe you want to train just a couple of EWC members, or have time constraints that call for a customised programme. Or you may want to develop a Roadmap for your EWC that takes it to a higher level and includes a structured and deliberate series of training sessions. We can develop a tailor-made program for you with experts for any topic you want to be trained on, as soon as you introduce us to your EWC. Training sessions can be provided live and via webcast.

EWC Bootcamps

The various roles in the EWC call for different skills. That is why we have developed hands-on training sessions just for managers who run EWCs. Our EWC Bootcamps are one-day training sessions that combine learning with networking. We provide updates on EWC-specific legislation, tools and trending topics like the effect of Brexit on EWCs. You can find the upcoming EWC Bootcamp sessions in the ‘events’ section of this website.

HR Webtalks

HR WEBTALKS are monthly online information and benchmarking sessions for HR professionals. These short sessions take 50 minutes and concern whatever HR-topic is trending that month. The scope of the Webtalks is broader than just EWCs, but is always related to Human Resources.

The sessions are recorded and can be made available upon request so that they can be shared with colleagues who were not able to attend.