Corporate events

Strategic corporate events such as shareholder and board meetings allow for no improvisation. Presence event planners and designers are experts in creating just the right format, in finding the most adequate venue and in delivering the perfect setup.


We make sure all procedures are followed to the letter and our masters of ceremony adhere to the strictest etiquette. If your audiences speak different languages, we provide you with the interpreters who are experts in this type of event and who are masters of precision when it comes to using the right terminology.


All members of the Presence event team are bound by confidentiality rules and we never involve anyone in a project without them signing an NDA before. Presence itself will never start working for you without signing an NDA with your organisation first. Protecting your assets and providing you with a memorable experience is our priority.


We make it happen

Presence takes care of all conference logistics. It all starts with a strategy briefing so that our event planners can find out which goals you want to achieve. Then we prepare your event. Every detail – big or small - from the location of the venue to the menu on the table in the restaurant has to be perfect.


Our services can be used to organise your event from A to Z or we can work à la carte as event concierges to provide you with just that tiny detail you need to make for a perfect experience.


We make it matter

Our event designers will make your event meaningful and sustainable. We provide tools to create value before, during and after your event.

We concentrate on content

  • speakers who have top-notch expertise in your subject matter
  • experts to assist you with advise, reports, audits..
  • benchmark data from other organisations
  • workshops for more in-depth discussions

We use the latest interaction and communication technologies

  • Combine live and remote audiences
  • Discover what your audience thinks 
  • Involve and engage all participants
  • Improve on your event through event analytics
  • Make your event green by reducing your impact on the planet 

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